Depo provera qld

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Provera depo qld

Copper IUD (99.4%, 99.2%), Male sterilisation (99.9%, 99.85%), DMPA - Depo Provera, Depo Ralovera (99.8%, 94%), Mirena® (99.8%, 99.8%), Female. The contraceptive injection called Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA), is similar to the hormone called progesterone, which is produced in the body by the ovaries.

Depo Provera Qld

In Australia it is sold as Depo-Provera® and Depo-Ralovera®. Each injection of DMPA provides protection. Depo-Provera can have alarming side effects and there are dire warnings about In my fieldwork days I met at least two resident doctors on Queensland. Lucrin Depot Paediatric Prefilled Dual Chamber Syringe (PDS) Injection (Powder for injection)Leuprorelin acetate, Retaane Depot InjectionAnecortave acetate.